April 7, 2022

Welcome to Hydda: Elbilio

As Sweden’s vehicle fleet becomes electric, property carparks are being transformed into mobility hubs. Hydda’s new acquisition Elbilio has an appreciated platform for vehicle sharing and great opportunities to scale up.

In Sweden today there are almost five million cars, which are used on average for about an hour a day. Each of these cars has owner outlays including servicing, insurance, tax, wheel changes and inspections. Is this smart? Sustainable?

Not according to Jesper Lönnqvist, co-founder of Elbilio – one of Hydda’s latest company acquisitions. He is convinced that shared solutions are a much better option for many people, in both a financial and practical sense. In addition, it is significantly better for the environment and the climate:

“We usually say that Elbilio offers sustainable and easy-to-use mobility for the people – via property owners’ garages and outdoor parking. Our fleet includes electric cars, electric bicycles, and electric mopeds. We’re also testing electric scooters in our broad ecosystem for passenger transport. If humanity is to meet global environmental goals, we need to rethink, find new solutions and become much better at sharing the resources that already exist.”

Great benefits for both users and property owners
Elbilio offers vehicle pools across Sweden, from Lund in the south to Umeå in the north. For Elbilio, property owners are both customers and close partners. This has enabled the company to create a solution that suits those who own the carparks as well as those who use the vehicles. Among the customers are several of Sweden’s largest real estate companies and property developers, private landlords and housing cooperatives.

Jesper Lönnqvist, Elbilio

The properties are part of the charging infrastructure and Elbilio calls them mobility hubs. There are several ways the hubs can create benefit, says Jesper:

“In addition to the obvious benefits of the environment, cost and freedom from hassle, our solutions also mean lots of other possibilities to property owners. Their properties become more attractive, and their customer offer more sustainable. In housing developments, a carpool means lower regulatory demands for parking spaces since the residents have access to easy-to-use and efficient mobility. Our solutions meet many demands.”

Book and drive as far as you want
It’s easy too. Users simply download Elbilio’s app, register, get quick approval, and then reserve the vehicle they want. Some of the pools are closed, so that only those who live in a certain property or work at a certain company can share the vehicles. Other pools are public, searchable using a map in the app and can be booked by all users. The vehicles are unlocked using the mobile and users only pay for the time they use the vehicle. Insurance, charging in the vehicle’s home parking and any car tolls are included, as well as unrestricted kilometers.

Natural part of Hydda’s offer
From Hydda’s perspective, the investment in Elbilio feels natural, says Hydda’s CCO Philip Göransson:

“Sustainable mobility, which we offer via Elbilio, and smarter parking, which we offer via Parkando, are central components of a property’s infrastructure. Hydda enables smart and sustainable cities by offering the best PropTech solutions. Therefore, we need a strong offer in mobility. Elbilio has a great platform, satisfied customers, and a huge potential to scale up and grow. Welcome to Hydda!”

Facts: Elbilio

Founded: 2018

Team: 7 people plus some consultants.

Customers: Wallenstam, Corem, Vasakronan, Bonava, ByggVesta and several private landlords and housing cooperatives.

Read more on elbilio.se

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