May 11, 2022

New at Hydda: Amelie Molin

Nothing is more important than attracting, recruiting, and retaining employees and consultants with the right attitude and skills. Hydda’s Head of Talent Amelie Molin wants to contribute to the proptech group’s success with great people.

Hydda is growing fast and needs more incredible employees and consultants who want to be part of its ongoing growth journey, backed by BLQ Invest and Vasakronan.

Attracting, recruiting, and retaining talented people requires certain skills. And that is where Amelie Molin, Hydda’s new Head of Talent, comes in. Her task is to fill the proptech group’s vacancies with the right people.

We interviewed Amelie after her first two weeks in the office at Hötorget in Stockholm.

A sports question: How does it feel?
Great fun and exciting! I get energy from meeting people and experiencing new environments. The first weeks have been intense and I have attended meetings about everything imaginable. There is a lot to get acquainted with and many people to get to know.

Who is Amelie Molin?
A 35-year-old country girl and mother of three, who thinks that life is getting better and wants to catch up with as much as possible – both professionally and privately. I have my feet on the ground, I am curious about people and their driving forces, and I think the new working life is super interesting. How can we work efficiently and flexibly, while having balance in life? Maybe it’s not so strange that I started working at a company with the tagline “Enabling new ways of working and living”?

What have you been doing until now?
I have studied in Uppsala and India, among other places. I first did development studies and then a Master of International Business. That I have had a career in recruitment was a bit of a coincidence, but I have always known that I want to work with people. Most recently, I ran my own business in recruitment and coaching, and before that I worked at a large recruitment company.

What do you want to be able to contribute to Hydda and its subsidiaries?
In addition to really good recruitments, I want to contribute with a human perspective and ensure that we do not forget to look up. What people should we hire? What should it be like to start at Hydda or one of the subsidiaries? I have experience from many different corporate cultures and a great curiosity. I’m not afraid of the new. There is nothing that we will not solve together.

What will be the biggest challenges?
There are a lot of companies looking for people with the skills we need. To attract the right candidates, we must be a company where people really want to be. We need to create an open, honest, and safe environment. It is often fast paced, but we must not forget to have fun and be human.

How can Hydda attract talent?
I think many people are attracted by the fact that Hydda is a startup, but with financial muscle and long-term perspective. The ownership picture, with both the company builders BLQ Invest and Sweden’s largest real estate company Vasakronan involved, is unique and is a great advantage.

What kind of people are you looking for?
We are looking for people with drive and ambition but also common sense. Respectful team players who do not sit on any high horses. I strongly believe in developing the individual’s potential and competence when the right personal conditions exist.

What do you do when you are not working?
With three small children, a dog, and a small farm in Sörmland, right now there is not much time left for anything else. My husband and I were very outdoorsy before we had children, and we hope to be able to resume that when the children are older. We are both entrepreneurs and the next project at home will be to grow apples on a larger scale, as there is a real demand for Swedish apples.


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