March 2, 2023

New at Hydda: Elisabet Hansson

The Hydda family continues to grow! Our new controller Elisabet Hansson will mainly work with accounting and reporting in our fast growing group. As a change from all the everyday numbers, she also likes to paint – even if the studio at Sankt Eriksplan is now a thing of the past.

As usual, we are curious to know more about Elisabet, what she has done before and how she wants to contribute to the Hydda family.

Hello Elisabet! What will you be doing at Hydda?
My English title is Group Financial Controller and I will be working broadly with Hydda’s financial parts, including group accounting and financial reporting.

What is your professional background? What have you done before?
My closest background is in the fintech sector, where I had a fairly broad role as an accounting manager at Corpia Group. Previously, I worked as a controller and assistant to the head of asset management at Länsförsäkringar, and as a controller at the TV production company Palladium Fiction, which was then owned by Sony.

What attracted you and made you change jobs?
I had been on parental leave for a while and was looking for a new job when I was approached by a recruitment agency for this role. It was just the right timing and the position sounded interesting and exciting, and like it would suit me. I quickly became curious about proptech and saw the opportunity to work in a broad role in a small and ambitious team, which I like.

We always ask the classic sports question: How does it feel?
I think it is really fun and inspiring, and I’m coming in with high energy and a great desire to work. It’s a great team I’m joining and I hope to have the opportunity to contribute with my competence, while growing and taking on new challenges.

How well did you know proptech before and what do you think about the future of the industry?
I didn’t know much about proptech before, but Hydda’s CEO Martina and CFO Hans gave me their perspectives on everything that’s going on and the huge opportunities the real estate industry’s digitalisation presents. Hydda is helping to create the conditions for smarter and more sustainable cities, which is very fun and motivating.

How would you like to contribute to Hydda’s development?
I want to ensure that Hydda and its subsidiaries work as smartly and efficiently as possible, and continue to develop from a financial perspective. For example, I will work on the financial decision support needed to provide insight into how our various business activities affect the Group’s finances and results.

What will you be tackling first?
First, I will focus on accounting and creating the conditions for an efficient and smooth accounting process. This will give us a solid and good foundation to build on as the Hydda family continues to grow and develop.

What are you like as a person? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I am curious, social, analytical and good at seeing things from different perspectives. At work, I am keen to get things done and to work efficiently. I can have both a helicopter view and focus on details, which is why broad roles suit me best. Weaknesses? Sometimes I might work a little too fast, and slow systems and processes can make me frustrated.

What drives you in your daily life?
I like having a clear purpose for what I do and I love working with really good colleagues. Both are equally important for my motivation, and I feel like I’ve found the right fit with Hydda – and hopefully Hydda with me!

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Since I had a baby this summer, I spend a lot of time with my family and close friends. Otherwise, I like to go to an art museum, eat a good dinner at a restaurant, work out or lay on the beach with an audio book. I love the sea, but I prefer to stay out of the water. When I settled in Stockholm in 2014, I did a one-year art course, and for a while I actually had a studio at Sankt Eriksplan. I still like to paint when the opportunity arises, and I usually paint animals and nature or abstract subjects. It’s definitely time to rig up a little painting corner at home in the apartment soon!


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