December 20, 2022

Today is a big day in Hydda’s history!

What can be achieved in a year? Quite a lot, with the right people and partners. Today it’s exactly one year since Hydda was founded and since our partnership and collaboration with Blq Invest and Sweden’s largest property owner, Vasakronan, began. 

“It has been a fantastic first year. The focus has been to make a number of strategic investments to form the foundation of our four main product suites. We will continue to grow from here, both by investing in additional companies with relevant products, but also organically”, says Peter Östman, Responsible Corporate Ventures at Vasakronan and Board member at Hydda.

December 2021 was the start of an eventful year for Hydda Group. We are happy for everything that has been achieved, and very thankful to all our business partners. A quick summary of our biggest accomplishments:

> Hydda Group now includes HomeMaker, Parkando, Elbilio, Spaceflow, Pixerymedia and EstateLogs and offers a broad portfolio of proptech solutions in 13 different countries.

> The Hydda family has grown to more than 120 employees.

> The parent company Hydda has grown to eight people, led by CEO Martina Skande.

> Annual Recurring Revenues have grown to around 60 MSEK.

> During the year, our shareholders and partners Blq Invest and Vasakronan were also joined by Brunswick Real Estate and Neptunia Invest.

> A strong partnership has been founded with Ramboll – one of Europe’s largest environmental and technology consultants.

“I am so proud of what we have achieved together this year, and this is only the beginning! I look forward to the continued journey and growth of Hydda’s product portfolio as well as the customer, partner and investor community. That said, we never forget our true purpose: to improve the way people live, work and play”, says Kamjar Hajabdolahi, Partner & CEO Blq Invest and founder Hydda.


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