March 24, 2022

Welcome to Hydda: Parkando

Smart and hassle-free parking. That’s the offering of Parkando, a new addition to the Hydda family. With a solution that improves the customer experience while also increasing a property’s profitability and sustainability, the company is a perfect fit for Hydda.

“Many property owners have limited resources and low knowledge of parking. It’s an area that takes time from their core business and is seen as a ‘necessary evil’. We want to change that attitude so that property owners see their carparks as assets with great development potential – both in terms of profitability and in creating added value for people who park,” explains Parkando’s CEO Tobias Wallin.

Simplify, optimize and enhance
The offer to property owners is to simplify the work, optimize the use of carpark space and enhance the customer experience. The entire process, including contract management, is digitized. To optimize the use of space, Parkando creates a digital version of the property’s parking space, which is then used to optimize the parking management. Planning and matching are crucial for both customer satisfaction and profitability.

Tobias Wallin, CEO of Parkando

Packages, dry cleaning and freedom from key fobs
Another way to enhance customer value in a parking garage could be to put parcel delivery boxes in unusable parking spaces. Or perhaps a cabinet for dry cleaning? This way, parkers can leave their laundry and pick it up, clean and freshly ironed, 48 hours later.

Parkando customers, both property owners and parkers, enjoy not having to handle fiddly access fobs and cards. It is much easier to operate the garage door with your mobile phone, which is always within reach.

Developing the parking business together
Successful projects usually come from good collaborations. Working together means you can do more, learn from each other and ensure success. This is also true in parking, says Tobias:

“Our offer usually stands out in parking operator procurements. In addition to our focus on customer experience and flexible solutions, we want the property owner to be part of the journey and develop their parking business. This leads to better results and a more rewarding collaboration. And by being digital and transparent, we make follow-up much easier.”

Fits Hydda’s offer perfectly
Tobias Wallin thinks Parkando’s solutions fit very well into Hydda’s broad PropTech offering. And Philip Göransson, CCO at Hydda, agrees:

“We are happy that Parkando has become part of the Hydda family. Garages and other parking areas are an important, but often overlooked, part of real estate infrastructure. In addition to industry-leading solutions, Parkando also contributes to increased sustainability by offering charging stations, only using electric vehicles in its own operations, and eliminating the use of carpark access fobs and cards. A perfect match. Welcome to Hydda!”



Facts: Parkando

Founded: 2017 in its current form.

Customers: Stena Fastigheter, Fabege, Castellum, Humlegården, Vasakronan, Einar Mattsson, Nordr, and several private landlords and housing cooperatives.

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