About us

Hydda offers the real estate industry solutions of the future. Hydda is a unique technology group that accelerate and lead the digital transformation of the real estate sector.


From hut to connected home

Man has always had a hunger to build. We need a roof over our heads and strive to leave something lasting for future generations. Property is a core element in our everyday lives. We go to work, return home to the family, shop, visit restaurants, and travel – all in various types of buildings. Today, when digital transformation is freeing up a whole new potential in our properties, the next big steps are taken towards the society of the future.

A unique PropTech Group

That’s why we created Hydda. It’s a Group of innovative technology companies offering solutions for the real estate industry’s entire value chain. We don’t yet have all the answers to the challenges of digitalization. But we do know that new technology comes from startups. And by involving some of the leading players in the real estate sector, we create solutions that make their businesses more efficient and solve real problems.

Hydda is proud to have partnered with Vasakronan – Sweden’s largest property owner. Vasakronan owns and operates around 2.4 million square meters, valued at approximately 196 billion SEK. Properties that they aim to equip with the smartest technology to increase customer satisfaction, sustainability, and profitability.

We strive to fundamentally change PropTech and the real estate industry. Together, we’re creating the digital society of the future.

Our purpose
Enable smarter & sustainable cities
Our mission
Help unleash the potential of every property through the power of technology

The future of working and living

Behind the technology and the concepts lies something much more significant. A new and better everyday life for us – in our homes, offices, and many other places.

Whether it’s the possibility to work efficiently wherever you like or creating a better indoor climate with sensors and an AI-guided ventilation system that saves both energy and money. And do you really need to own a car the way you always have been? Or are there solutions to achieve mobility in ways that are more comfortable, cheaper, and more sustainable?

What we see today is just the beginning. Hydda wants to improve everyday life for people and businesses. We bring together innovative tech companies and leading players in the real estate industry to create solutions with the maximum benefit that solve real problems.

Trends in real estate

Hybrid work
Our perception of workplaces has changed. Today, more than 50 percent of office workers prefer a hybrid working situation. This has created a significant need for new solutions enabling collaboration, innovation, and social interaction. 

Digital transformation
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for PropTech solutions increased substantially. Some say that the pandemic has pushed the digital transformation of society forward by as much as 7 years.

The construction and real estate sector is responsible for approximately 40 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The digital transformation of the industry creates major opportunities for both building and managing properties in much more climate-smart ways.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the digital transformation of society forward by as much as 7 years

Are you a tech company with a great solution that would fit into Hydda’s offer? Or are you just curious and want to know more? Get in touch!