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Technology and digitalization are the solution to many of the challenges currently facing the real estate industry. Hydda makes it easier for you as a real estate developer, owner and manager to buy and use digital solutions.

We're a unique technology group that enables the digitalization across all kinds of real estate assets. With our extensive range of innovative software solutions, we can help you increase the customer value, sustainability and profitability of your properties.

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Exploration - Before moving into a building

Digital, interactive solutions that give real estate developers and property owners completely new opportunities to visualize and configure homes and offices in a smooth, sustainable and user-friendly way. Simplify administration, speed up sales processes and improve the customer experience.

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Interactive web solutions
Customer portal
Aftermarket management

Tenant experience - When living or working in a building

A user-friendly digital interface that connects property owners and tenants. Manages everything from accesses, bookings, communication, payments etc. in a simple and smooth way for both tenants and property owners. Improve everyday life for those who live and work in your buildings!

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One interface for your building
Tenant relations
Increase revenue-generation
Bookings and payments

Optimization - Data, energy and property management

Comprehensive solutions for managing and optimizing properties. By harnessing the power of data, we want to make property ownership and management more efficient, effective and profitable, while increasing the quality and experience for those who live and work in the buildings.

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More efficient property management
Increased net operating income
Improved indoor climate and energy efficiency
Increased sustainability

Customer spotlight

Case: Bostadsfastighet
Costs for property maintenance lowered by 78%

A residential property with 138 apartments reduced its costs for property maintenance by 78% using EstateLogs.

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