Interactive ways to experience future structures, and effective systems for existing buildings. Our services and solutions are built to help you easily choose, order, create, adapt and manage your building online, and to meet your systems needs before, during and after the development and construction phases.

Shorter sales processes and a better experience

The suite includes solutions such as virtual tours, 3D visualizations, 3D animations, floor plans, sunlight studies, interior design choices and case reporting. By integrating these solutions, you as a real estate developer or owner can offer a comprehensive interactive experience even before construction or renovation work is completed. This provides an opportunity to shorten and streamline your sales processes, while reducing administration related to option and case management. Moreover, you're able offer customers a smooth and sustainable experience from beginning to end.


Using realistic and detailed images, you can demonstrate the potential of a building in a completely new way. Turn your space or unfinished real estate project into an inspiring, photorealistic reality. This provides a broader perspective of the project, and allows you to make changes at an early stage, which reduces both risk and costs.

Interactive web solutions

Increase efficiency, improve the customer experience and increase ROI. Using our technology for virtual tours, surface selection, sun and light studies, you can offer customers a user-friendly and smooth service. In addition, it reduces administration for your staff, giving them more time for other important tasks.

Customer portal

Collect all the elements of the buying process in one place, reduce the number of interfaces and create the best possible solution for the end-customer and residential developer. In the customer portal, you'll find solutions such as My Pages, product catalog, options, configurator, contact and booking, contract management, digitized building-specific information, communication, etc. All in one place!

Aftermarket management

A single system gathers all incoming fault reports and cases. QR codes, automatic scanning and categorization, video management, etc., make it easy to create cases and monitor their status. Access to data and KPIs also provides full visibility into aftermarket and case management, increasing quality and reducing project risk.

Option management

Our studio platform gives you access to the option management configurator, which is suitable for new construction, renovation projects and options for existing buildings. The system offers support for different types of packages, styles or free product choices. Choose between 2D or 3D visualization. Build the projects yourself or get help from us – you decide what suits you best.

Case reporting and task management

Through our loading module, we can automatically load cases in different formats from different clients and automatically update the client on status changes. In collaboration with our partners, we also offer outsourcing of warranty management and fault reporting to independent and knowledgeable operators.

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Customer spotlight
Case: Ikano Bostad
Focus on customer experience with Ikano Bostad

With a focus on providing a great customer experience, Ikano Bostad uses Envise's products from early visualizations, through interactive products such as selectors, sun study and virtual tours to customer portal and more.

Our product suites

Exploration - Before moving into a building

Digital, interactive solutions that give real estate developers and property owners completely new opportunities to visualize and configure homes and offices in a smooth, sustainable and user-friendly way. Simplify administration, speed up sales processes and improve the customer experience.

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Interactive web solutions
Customer portal
Aftermarket management

Tenant experience - When living or working in a building

A user-friendly digital interface that connects property owners and tenants. Manages everything from accesses, bookings, communication, payments etc. in a simple and smooth way for both tenants and property owners. Improve everyday life for those who live and work in your buildings!

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One interface for your building
Tenant relations
Increase revenue-generation
Bookings and payments

Mobility - Mobility solutions for real estate

We make mobility more accessible, convenient and environmentally friendly for businesses and tenants, while creating new revenue opportunities. The solutions promote a shared economy and sustainable transportation.

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Full-service parking operator
Increased net operating income
100% electric vehicle pool
Shared economy and smart mobility

Optimization - Data, energy and facility management

Comprehensive solutions for facility management and optimization. By harnessing the power of data, we want to make facility management more efficient, effective and profitable.

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More efficient facility management
Increased net operation income
Space utilization
Increased sustainability