Tenant experience

Offer a seamless, care-free tenant experience that frees up time for tenants and property managers alike - developed for both residential and commercial spaces.

Digitalize your building and simplify life for tenants

The solutions featured in this suite simplify life for those living and working in your building, but also for property managers. A user-friendly app helps tenants, for instance, easily book common areas, manage digital keys, as well as keep track of contracts, rental notices, payments, etc. Gamification and community functionality help build social cohesion and security. It also helps your tenants reduce their carbon footprint. When it comes to property managers, our solutions increase efficiency and reduce stress. Time-consuming manual processes are digitized, freeing up time for other tasks. The technology is based on an open platform, so you choose which services to integrate into the app and offer to your tenants.

All-in-one solution for your building

Flexible digital management and one solution for both end-users and property managers. Here, you can easily manage everything from access, bookings, payments, communications, impact on CO2 emissions, and more. This frees up more time for other tasks.

Tenant relations

Build a strong community and increase safety in your buildings. Make sure relevant information reaches your tenants and facilitate inter-neighbor communication. Improved customer experience increases loyalty and retention in your properties.

Increase revenue-generation

Optimize the use of common areas to create new revenue streams and generate revenue through add-on services and products. The app makes management and payment simple and easy.

Bookings and payments

Make life easier for your tenants by letting them book a meeting room, banquet hall, laundry room or overnight apartment - directly in the app. Or why not book a car or an electric bike from the electric vehicle pool? Choose to integrate with the payment solution of your choice.

ESG analytics and data visualization

Visualize consumption patterns and other relevant building data. Facilitate the ESG reporting and offer the gamification feature to encourage your tenants to further improve their carbon footprint.

Open platform and easy integrations

We offer an open and flexible platform that enables you to pick and choose from a range of solutions. Many integrations are ready to use, but we can also add third-party products or services.

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Customer spotlight
Case: CA Immo
Tenant experience
Properties, local businesses and residents connected to a living ecosystem

"There is a need to inform our clients and their employees immediately and distribute news and events not only to contact emails but to the whole community. Spaceflow is a unique property app allowing us to connect retailers with office users. Spaceflow team was very open to changes in their app and modifying it based on our requirements" - Jan Baxa, Head of Asset Management, CA Immo.

Our product suites

Exploration - Before moving into a building

Digital, interactive solutions that give real estate developers and property owners completely new opportunities to visualize and configure homes and offices in a smooth, sustainable and user-friendly way. Simplify administration, speed up sales processes and improve the customer experience.

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Interactive web solutions
Customer portal
Aftermarket management

Tenant experience - When living or working in a building

A user-friendly digital interface that connects property owners and tenants. Manages everything from accesses, bookings, communication, payments etc. in a simple and smooth way for both tenants and property owners. Improve everyday life for those who live and work in your buildings!

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One interface for your building
Tenant relations
Increase revenue-generation
Bookings and payments

Optimization - Data, energy and property management

Comprehensive solutions for managing and optimizing properties. By harnessing the power of data, we want to make property ownership and management more efficient, effective and profitable, while increasing the quality and experience for those who live and work in the buildings.

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More efficient property management
Increased net operating income
Improved indoor climate and energy efficiency
Increased sustainability