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Hydda is a software company offering innovative technology solutions for the real estate industry. By involving some of the leading players in the real estate industry, we are creating solutions that make its businesses more efficient and solve real problems.

Together we build the digital society of the future.

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Partner with Sweden's largest real estate actors

Hydda's investing partners include blq Invest and some of Sweden's largest real estate players: Vasakronan, Brunswick Real Estate and Neptunia Invest. Together with Hydda, they equip properties with the smartest technology to increase customer value, sustainability and profitability.

PropTech through the entire value chain

Digitalization, sustainability, Artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things are trends that will change the property industry at its very core. PropTech (Property Technology) is all about using innovation to generate improvements throughout the entire value chain. What we see today is just the beginning of a revolutionary development. New solutions will change the way we look at, build, and use property.

Our solutions


Using artificial intelligence and millions of data points, EstateLogs optimizes the daily property management tasks of supervision, maintenance, and fault reporting. Operational data is collected, analyzed and processed in the platform, which uses machine learning to progressively improve its calculations and recommendations.


Pixery offers inspiring and easy-to-use visualization solutions that shorten sales time, reduce financial risk and enhance the experience of buying or renting homes and premises. A property’s potential can be seen long before it is built or renovated.


Spaceflow seamlessly connects tenants, visitors, property management, service providers, hardware, and the Internet of Things in one platform to maximize the utility of buildings and spaces.


Elbilio provides a digital platform that makes it easy to share electric cars, scooters, and bicycles. Elbilio partner up with property owners and corporations to provide full-service solutions of shared mobility with 100% electric vehicles.


Parkando is a digital parking solution that can help property owners make the most of their parking spaces and enable them to tap into new revenue streams.


HomeMaker is an industry leader in digital real estate & aftermarket management. The company offers a digitized customer journey all the way from the prospective buyer stage to aftermarket management.


At your fingertips

Banks, travel companies, media, and other industries have moved their services to a mobile interface. Hydda strives to do the same with properties. We always start with the user and aim to create intuitive and easy-to-install solutions that provide maximum benefit.


New at Hydda: Jesper Bruksner

Against the backdrop of Hydda’s rapid growth rate and ongoing expansion plans, an experienced HR manager is key. The role is vital to ensuring that we maintain efficiency while building a great culture and offering a fun and challenging work environment for everyone. Jesper Bruksner, our new Chief People & Culture Officer, is the right person for this task. He has extensive experience across various HR roles in the tech space. He's pragmatic, outgoing, optimistic and loves to go fishing.

New at Hydda: Elisabet Hansson

The Hydda family continues to grow! Our new controller Elisabet Hansson will mainly work with accounting and reporting in our fast growing group. As a change from all the everyday numbers, she also likes to paint – even if the studio at Sankt Eriksplan is now a thing of the past.

Today is a big day in Hydda's history!

What a year it has been! It’s not easy to summarize when you go from 2 to 120 employees and from 0 to 60 MSEK in ARR. But we gave it a try, and also asked our two founding partners Vasakronan and Blq Invest what they think of our common journey so far. 

New at Hydda: Karin Gunnerbeck

To build a European powerhouse in proptech, you need a strong brand. Not only to attract customers and prospects, but also the best people and the right investors. Meet one of the latest additions to the Hydda family; Marketing and Communications Officer Karin Gunnerbeck. A positive, fearless and team-oriented type of person, who loves swimming and bathing and gets bored in her comfort zone.

New at Hydda: Hans Grufman

A fast-growing family of companies with its sights set on the stock market needs a sharp CFO. Hans Grufman started his career coding in Silicon Valley, but his keen interest in finance soon led him to switch focus, and in recent years he has been CFO of several IT companies. He also dreams. Of skiing, building a successful SaaS group and of one day not having to look after the run-down swimming pool at home.

One of Europe's largest environmental and technology consultants invests in Swedish proptech company

In great company! With Ramboll joining Hydda in Estate Logs, we get another really strong and competent partner. Together we will accelerate the development of data-driven and climate-smart property management.

New at Hydda: Emy Haftor

Emy Haftor, our new Head of Synergies, will make sure that one plus one is three - at least! Her background as a management consultant with a focus on tech and development puts her in a good position to manage this mathematical feat and unusual job role.

New at Hydda: Melker Larson

Last week, we were happy to announce the strengthening of Hydda's operational team with new employees in three key roles. Meet one of them, Melker Larson, our new Business Analyst. In addition to sourcing and analysing potential proptech acquisitions, Melker enjoys dancing to house or techno music, eating tapas with his friends and driving convertibles in the sun.

Hydda continues to grow, recruits three new employees

Having acquired six PropTech companies and two new shareholders in less than a year, we need to avoid growing pains. So, we have strengthened Hydda's operational team with three key roles. Starring, in order of appearance in the photo: Emy Haftor as Head of Synergies, Hans Grufman as CFO, and Melker Larson as Business Analyst. Three shining stars who are as much awaited as they are welcome!

Two renowned property companies become new partners as Hydda acquires AI-based property management tool

Today we can proudly say that Hydda has completed its sixth major investment so far this year. What we love even more is that the deal not only means an expansion of our customer offering to include EstateLog's smart, AI-based tools for property management – but also welcomes Neptunia Invest and Brunswick Real Estate as new partners in Hydda Group.

New at Hydda: Martina Skande

Get to know our CEO Martina Skande! We've asked our new captain eight questions about who she is, how she is and her thoughts on proptech and Hydda Group.

Hydda acquires Pixery

We go on holiday with a bang! Read about our latest acquisition Pixery, whose inspiring and easy-to-use visualization solutions shorten sales time, reduce financial risk and enhance the experience of buying or renting homes and premises.

Hydda invests in PropTech company Spaceflow

By investing in Czech company Spaceflow, Hydda takes its first big step outside Scandinavia - and towards becoming a European powerhouse in proptech.

New at Hydda: Amelie Molin

The power of people. To recruit employees and consultants with the right attitude and competence, a special kind of competence is needed. Meet Amelie Molin, Hydda's curious and experienced Head of Talent.

Welcome to Hydda: Elbilio

Our new acquisition Elbilio turns property carparks into mobility hubs, where users can choose different types of electric vehicles as needed. A convenient and scalable solution based on sustainability and sharing.

Welcome to Hydda: Parkando

From hassle and frustration to satisfied customers and greater profitability. Hydda's new subsidiary Parkando simplifies, optimizes and creates new opportunities in parking.

Welcome to Hydda: HomeMaker

Hydda invests in HomeMaker and welcomes the company to the Group. HomeMaker’s solutions for the new production market are a great fit with Hydda’s offering.

This is Hydda

Smart property solutions that enhances customer value, sustainability, and profitability. PropTech will change the entire real estate industry at its core – and Hydda aims to be the leading supplier.

BLQ Invest makes PropTech investments via its own company, Hydda.

A unique technology Group that is both accelerating and leading the digital transformation of the real estate industry. That’s what the company builders, BLQ Invest, want to achieve.

Are you a tech company with a great solution that would fit into Hydda’s offer? Or are you just curious and want to know more? Get in touch!