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Hydda is a Group of innovative technology companies offering solutions for the real estate industry’s entire value chain. By involving some of the leading players in the real estate industry, we are creating solutions that make its businesses more efficient and solve real problems.

Together we build the digital society of the future.

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Partner with Sweden's largest property owner

Hydda is proud to have partnered with Vasakronan - Sweden's largest property owner. Vasakronan owns and operates more than 2.3 million square meters, valued at over 173 billion SEK. Properties that they aim to equip with the smartest technology to increase customer satisfaction, sustainability, and profitability.

PropTech through the entire value chain

Digitalization, sustainability, Artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things are trends that will change the property industry at its very core. PropTech (Property Technology) is all about using innovation to generate improvements throughout the entire value chain. What we see today is just the beginning of a revolutionary development. New solutions will change the way we look at, build, and use property.

Our solutions


Spaceflow seamlessly connects tenants, visitors, property management, service providers, hardware, and the Internet of Things in one platform to maximize the utility of buildings and spaces.


Elbilio provides a digital platform that makes it easy to share electric cars, scooters, and bicycles. Elbilio partner up with property owners and corporations to provide full-service solutions of shared mobility with 100% electric vehicles.


Parkando is a digital parking solution that can help property owners make the most of their parking spaces and enable them to tap into new revenue streams.


HomeMaker is an industry leader in digital real estate & aftermarket management. The company offers a digitized customer journey all the way from the prospective buyer stage to aftermarket management.


At your fingertips

Banks, travel companies, media, and other industries have moved their services to a mobile interface. Hydda strives to do the same with properties. We always start with the user and aim to create intuitive and easy-to-install solutions that provide maximum benefit.


Hydda invests in PropTech company Spaceflow

By investing in Czech company Spaceflow, Hydda takes its first big step outside Scandinavia - and towards becoming a European powerhouse in proptech.

New at Hydda: Amelie Molin

The power of people. To recruit employees and consultants with the right attitude and competence, a special kind of competence is needed. Meet Amelie Molin, Hydda's curious and experienced Head of Talent.

Welcome to Hydda: Elbilio

Our new acquisition Elbilio turns property carparks into mobility hubs, where users can choose different types of electric vehicles as needed. A convenient and scalable solution based on sustainability and sharing.

Welcome to Hydda: Parkando

From hassle and frustration to satisfied customers and greater profitability. Hydda's new subsidiary Parkando simplifies, optimizes and creates new opportunities in parking.

Welcome to Hydda: HomeMaker

Hydda invests in HomeMaker and welcomes the company to the Group. HomeMaker’s solutions for the new production market are a great fit with Hydda’s offering.

This is Hydda

Smart property solutions that enhances customer value, sustainability, and profitability. PropTech will change the entire real estate industry at its core – and Hydda aims to be the leading supplier.

BLQ Invest makes PropTech investments via its own company, Hydda.

A unique technology Group that is both accelerating and leading the digital transformation of the real estate industry. That’s what the company builders, BLQ Invest, want to achieve.

Are you a tech company with a great solution that would fit into Hydda’s offer? Or are you just curious and want to know more? Get in touch!