Smarter cities.
Better lives.

This is Hydda's guiding purpose

Better lives with smart cities

At Hydda, we believe that smarter cities help people live better lives. This belief informs everything we do.

The trend is crystal clear. We see how new technology is driving the smart city evolution – and rapidly changing the real estate space. It’s impacting business models and refocusing investment strategies. It’s also helping real estate companies achieve their sustainability goals, while realizing value across the entire ESG chain. At the operational level, it’s cutting costs and creating new revenue streams.

We have the solutions you need

Hydda has the experience and know-how to help companies of all sizes successfully and seamlessly adopt these solutions. Our dynamic suite of SaaS solutions are designed specifically for real estate.

That said, we never forget our true purpose. To improve the way people live, work and play.

Hydda in numbers

6 companies

Hydda has acquired companies offering leading-edge and innovative products
The Hydda Group currently comprises six companies. All offer proprietary digital products and solutions designed specifically for the real estate industry. Together, we help real estate streamline assets and boost profitability.

19 countries

Our solutions can be found in buildings in 19 countries
Hydda's solutions are globally scalable. We're currently present in 19 countries across Europe and beyond.

120 employees

Hydda has 120 employees across seven global offices
The Hydda Group has about 120 employees, representing different nationalities, at our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Oslo, Prague, London and Bangkok.

We have real estate in our DNA

Hydda was founded in 2021 by Vasakronan and Blq Invest. Over the years, more real estate players such as Brunswick Real Estate and Neptunia Invest have joined as partners. We also enjoy a close collaboration and partnership with Ramboll.

Hydda was founded for the real estate industry, and we're always interested in welcoming more real estate partners to the Hydda family.

Hydda's owners and partners

Meet the Hydda team

The core Hydda team comprises nine talented people representing different backgrounds and skillsets. Altogether, the Hydda Group boasts around 120 employees. Our extensive network in the real estate and tech spaces, combined with our broad market presence, gives us unique insights into market trends and challenges. Together with our companies, customers and investors, we strive to develop leading-edge, digital real-estate solutions.
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