Hydda's ecosystem puts innovation and technology under one roof

The ecosystem's purpose is to leverage digital solution that elevate and simplify the way we live and move in cities.

This might involve working efficiently at any time or from any place. Or using sensors and AI-controlled ventilation systems to create a better indoor climate, while minimizing energy consumption and costs.

Benefits of Hydda's products and ecosystems

Flexible solutions

Each building is different and has specific needs. Our products and solutions are flexible and can be adapted to meet your specifications. You can pick and choose the services that are best suited for you.

Modular and scalable

Hydda ensures that the solutions you choose can be scaled to your specifications. We can scale from one building to an entire city. No project is too big or too small for us.

Increased net operating income

Hydda's product suites give you access to digital solutions and tools that optimize and streamline your business across several areas. This allows you to cut costs and find new revenue streams, while improving the customer experience and reducing business risk.

ESG and increased sustainability

ESG is an integral part of the real estate business. Hydda can help you reduce the climate impact of your assets, harness the sharing economy, and drive social responsibility. Access to current and accurate data also enables you to continually optimize your buildings and inform your ESG compliance reporting.

Fewer interfaces

Hydda's solutions reduce the number of interfaces for administrators and end-customers through smart integrations. This improves the overall user experience and increases product utilization.

Managing building data

Hydda's solutions help improve the management of your real estate data. We want it to be easier to share data across different systems so you can get started faster, avoid unnecessary errors and make better decisions.

Our ecosystem is divided into three suites

Hydda's ecosystem focuses on optimizing and streamlining buildings, as well as areas where people live and work. Our solutions are divided into four suites: Exploration, Tenant Experience, and Optimization. All of our solutions have been developed to make life easier for the people who manage or live and work in your buildings. Smart integrations between our solutions and suites reduce the number of interfaces and increase user benefits. You are free to pick and choose from the solutions in our three suites according to your specific real estate needs. In the end, this makes for easy implementation and facility management.

Future-proof and scalable products

Hydda's ecosystem has been built from the ground up – by real estate, for real estate. In combination with our broad customer base and large network, this enables us to continually evolve our range of solutions and services to meet the changing needs of the real estate industry. We use the latest and best technology the market has to offer. And our flexible and modular structure harnesses synergies between our companies and solutions. Hydda's open platform makes it easy to integrate new products, too. You can rest assured that we've assembled leading-edge digital solutions.

Our product suites

Exploration - Before moving into a building

Digital, interactive solutions that give real estate developers and property owners completely new opportunities to visualize and configure homes and offices in a smooth, sustainable and user-friendly way. Simplify administration, speed up sales processes and improve the customer experience.

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Interactive web solutions
Customer portal
Aftermarket management

Tenant experience - When living or working in a building

A user-friendly digital interface that connects property owners and tenants. Manages everything from accesses, bookings, communication, payments etc. in a simple and smooth way for both tenants and property owners. Improve everyday life for those who live and work in your buildings!

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One interface for your building
Tenant relations
Increase revenue-generation
Bookings and payments

Optimization - Data, energy and property management

Comprehensive solutions for managing and optimizing properties. By harnessing the power of data, we want to make property ownership and management more efficient, effective and profitable, while increasing the quality and experience for those who live and work in the buildings.

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More efficient property management
Increased net operating income
Improved indoor climate and energy efficiency
Increased sustainability