Data collection and analysis that enable you to optimize building performance and management.

Improve air quality, optimize energy efficiency and reduce management costs

Collecting and analyzing building data from IOT sensors and BMS is key to optimizing a building's performance. It helps real estate owners and facility managers make informed decisions. Our vision for the real estate optimization suite is to provide a comprehensive solution for real estate management. The suite will include solutions related to indoor climate, energy optimization, space utilization, property management, etc. By providing innovative building optimization solutions, we help you create a more sustainable, efficient and profitable property portfolio.

Property management - as a Service

Get an overview of your building's maintenance needs. Combine data-driven insights from various sources with deep technical expertise to ensure that you prioritize the right tasks and optimize processes and way of working. Avoid reactive maintenance and improve your building's overall quality.

Increase net operating income

Dramatically reduce operating and maintenance costs with our data-driven solution. Thanks to increased transparency and operational quality, combined with efficiency in energy and water consumption, you can achieve significant cost savings and increased net operating income.

Optimize energy and indoor climate

Reduce energy consumption and improve the indoor climate in your property with user-friendly visualization and reporting tools. AI-generated analytics and insights help you make the right decisions at the right time and ensure optimization of indoor air and energy consumption throughout your property portfolio.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Discover how our solutions can help you reduce the environmental impact of your buildings. Contribute to a greener planet while saving money.

Simplifying ESG reporting

Simplify your real estate reporting. New ESG requirements can put an extra burden on property owners, but we make reporting simple and easy. Save time and energy, so you can focus on the most important tasks.

Smart integrations, seamless solutions

We optimize value by integrating our solutions and enabling smooth data flows. This gives you a seamless and efficient experience that increases the value of every Hydda service.

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Customer spotlight
Quote Regio
More efficient and sustainable property maintenance with EstateLogs

"With the introduction of Estate Logs, we have achieved a much more efficient and sustainable management. We have significantly reduced operating costs and gained much better control of what the contractors do in our properties." - Eric Bergström CEO, Regio

Our product suites

Exploration - Before moving into a building

Digital, interactive solutions that give real estate developers and property owners completely new opportunities to visualize and configure homes and offices in a smooth, sustainable and user-friendly way. Simplify administration, speed up sales processes and improve the customer experience.

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Interactive web solutions
Customer portal
Aftermarket management

Tenant experience - When living or working in a building

A user-friendly digital interface that connects property owners and tenants. Manages everything from accesses, bookings, communication, payments etc. in a simple and smooth way for both tenants and property owners. Improve everyday life for those who live and work in your buildings!

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One interface for your building
Tenant relations
Increase revenue-generation
Bookings and payments

Optimization - Data, energy and property management

Comprehensive solutions for managing and optimizing properties. By harnessing the power of data, we want to make property ownership and management more efficient, effective and profitable, while increasing the quality and experience for those who live and work in the buildings.

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More efficient property management
Increased net operating income
Improved indoor climate and energy efficiency
Increased sustainability