May 8, 2023

Costs for property maintenance lowered by 78%

A residential property with 138 apartments reduced its costs for property maintenance by 78% using EstateLogs.

The cost for property maintenance was reduced from 50 SEK per square meter to 11 SEK per square meter thanks to the implementation of EstateLogs in the residential property. The main services included in the implementation were supervision & maintenance, systematic fire protection work (SBA), supervision & maintenance of ventilation units and regulatory requirements.

Property type: Residential
Apartments: 138
Year of construction: 1982
Cost per square meter before Estate Logs: 50 SEK
Cost per square meter after Estate Logs: 11 SEK
Cost reduction: 78%
Inkluderade tjänster:

  • Supervision & maintenance
  • Systematic fire protection work (SBA)
  • Inspection and maintenance of ventilation units
  • Regulatory requirements

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