May 21, 2022

Hydda invests in PropTech company Spaceflow

With Spaceflow, Hydda makes its first investment outside Scandinavia. Spaceflow’s platform has great benefit and value ​​for both tenants and property owners. It also fits perfectly into the broad ecosystem of solutions that Hydda is creating.

The Czech proptech company Spaceflow’s platform connects tenants, visitors, property management, service providers, hardware and the Internet of Things in one platform. It enables a faster development and implementation of what is usually called SPaaS – Space as a Service. The platform’s purpose is to make the most of buildings and spaces for both tenants and property owners.

Lukas Balik, co-founder and CEO of Spaceflow, describes the platform:

“We are convinced that every building needs a digital heart. With our platform, property owners can offer their tenants a better, smoother and more modern everyday life and customer experience, which in turn increases the value of the property. Simplified, you could say that we have created the remote control that operates the other property solutions and services.”

Lukas Balik, Spaceflow

BLQ Invest and Vasakronan behind Hydda
Hydda Group was founded by company builder BLQ Invest together with Sweden’s largest real estate company, Vasakronan. These two players together have majority ownership of the company. Hydda’s goal is to accelerate the digitalization of the real estate industry and act as a bridge between proptech companies, property owners and investors. The Group already includes proptech companies HomeMaker, Elbilio and Parkando.

“Hydda is growing fast and according to plan. Spaceflow is our first investment outside Scandinavia and its platform fits perfectly into the ecosystem of proptech solutions we are creating. We also get a broader customer base and an effective springboard into Europe,” says Philip Göransson, CCO at Hydda.

Philip Göransson, Hydda

Proven platform with great opportunities
Spaceflow’s platform is already used in more than 200 properties in 18 different countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany and Benelux. Founder Lukas Balik sees great development opportunities for the company’s platform in the deal with Hydda:

“This gives us bigger muscle and brings us closer to both other proptech players and one of Europe’s leading real estate companies. What is happening now in proptech is reminiscent of what it was like in the beginning of the Internet. The opportunities are enormous when people, both at work and at home, begin to demand agile real estate services, greater flexibility and user-friendly interfaces.

Read more about Spaceflow on the company’s website.

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