June 26, 2023

Announcing Yieldly – more efficient facility management is here

Yieldly is a completely new facility management concept that helps to significantly reduce costs while increasing service quality and growing long-term property value.

Ramboll and PropTech group Hydda's portfolio company Estate Logs today launched Yieldly – an entirely new approach to facility management. By combining data and technical domain expertise, Yieldly aims to optimize building performance, reduce operating costs, and create long-term value for property owners and investors. The Yieldly concept can reduce operating contractor costs by 50%, as evidenced by initial projects. 

“We want Yieldy to give property owners the tools they need to make informed decisions. Data is the foundation for efficient and sustainable facility management. What sets Yieldy apart is its data-driven process. By collecting and visualizing data from different sources, and combining it with technical domain expertise and property management, Yieldly represents a holistic solution,” says Per Rastbäck, Asset Management Director at Ramboll Sweden.

Per Rastbäck, Asset Management Director at Ramboll Sweden

In recent years, Estate Logs has collected property data and amassed intelligence based on maintenance tasks from hundreds of buildings. The combination of data from Estate Logs, additional property information, and Ramboll's deep technical expertise allows Yieldly to both make short-term optimizations as well as plan and execute long-term value-creating investments and maintenance.

“As part of Brunswick Real Estate's operations, we have tested Yieldly in Vanda 3, a 63,000-square-meter, mixed-use property featuring data centers, warehouses, and offices. We are very pleased with the outcome thus far! It’s inspiring to see the results that have been achieved in such a short space of time; for instance, we’ve been able to reduce operating contractor costs by 50%,” says David Hävermark at Brunswick Real Estate.

Yieldly can act as a strategic advisor and provide property owners important insights in time, allowing them to manage and develop their properties in a smarter and more cost-effective way.

“It’s important to match real estate with facility management that harnesses the potential of each individual building. Yieldly creates synergies that reduce operating costs from the very start, which grows the property's valuation. This also creates room for further investments in sustainability,” says Anders Frölander, CEO of Estate Logs.

Anders Frölander, CEO at Estate Logs

For more information about Yieldly and its services, please visit www.yieldly.se or contact:

Anders Frölander, CEO Estate Logs
+46 70-203 03 48

Per Rastbäck, Asset Management Director, Ramboll Sweden
+46 70-181 54 26


About Yieldly

Yieldly offers a complete solution for technical property management. By combining data-driven insights with extensive technical knowledge, Yieldly offers a new, innovative approach that helps develop sustainable buildings, reduce short- and long-term costs and increase long-term property value. Yieldly is a joint venture between Estate Logs, part of Hydda, and Ramboll.


About Estate Logs

Estate Logs optimizes the daily work with supervision, maintenance and corrective actions, based on the collection of data from hundreds of properties over several years. Using machine learning, parameters are continuously analyzed and optimized to define how long different tasks should take in each individual building with its unique characteristics. Estate Logs was founded in 2016, and has been part of the Hydda family since fall 2022.


About Ramboll

Ramboll is a global architecture, engineering and consulting company whose 17,500 experts in 35 countries create sustainable solutions in the areas of Buildings, Transportation, Water, Environment & Health, Architecture & Landscape, Energy & Management. The company was founded in Denmark in 1945.


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Announcing Yieldly – more efficient facility management is here

Yieldy is a completely new facility management concept that helps to significantly reduce costs while increasing service quality and growing long-term property value.

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