September 21, 2022

Two renowned property companies become new partners as Hydda acquires AI-based property management tool

Hydda Group continues its rapid expansion in PropTech with the acquisition of EstateLogs, Hydda’s sixth investment this year. As a result of the deal, two additional real estate companies, Neptunia Invest and Brunswick Real Estate, will also become part owners of Hydda.

Using artificial intelligence and millions of data points, EstateLogs optimizes the daily property management tasks of supervision, maintenance, and fault reporting. Operational data from more than 100 properties is collected, analyzed and processed in the company’s platform, which uses machine learning to progressively improve its calculations and recommendations.

“Operational and energy issues have never been more important than they are today. The investment in EstateLogs significantly strengthens our offering in property management. We also see great opportunities for integrations and synergies with Hydda’s other solutions,” comments Philip Göransson, Hydda’s Chief Commercial Officer.

New co-owners in Hydda
The deal means that Hydda Group acquires EstateLogs from its previous owners, Neptunia Invest and Brunswick Real Estate, who will become shareholders in Hydda. The two companies join Vasakronan and BLQ Invest as owners in Hydda Group.

“This is a really good investment that means Hydda’s offering is expanded with another appreciated solution. We also get two new property companies as co-owners. Vasakronan, Neptunia and Brunswick are a really strong trio, and we hope that more property companies will join Hydda on our journey toward becoming Europe’s leading PropTech powerhouse,” says Hydda CEO Martina Skande.

Martina Skande

The sellers are also pleased with the deal. David Hävermark, Partner at Brunswick Real Estate, says:

“Everyone wins. EstateLogs fits perfectly into Hydda’s portfolio of PropTech solutions and gets the best possible conditions to continue its development. At the same time, we go from being one of the owners of EstateLogs to becoming part of something considerably larger and more expansive with Hydda, Vasakronan, BLQ Invest, and Neptunia.”

David Hävermark

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