December 9, 2021

BLQ Invest invests in PropTech through own company Hydda

It is a unique technology Group that is both accelerating and leading the digital transformation of the real estate industry. That’s what the company builders, BLQ Invest, want to achieve. But not on their own. Rather, they aim to do so in close collaboration with leading players in the real estate industry and other investors.

The investment company, BLQ Invest, builds companies by taking them from start-ups to scale-ups with the help of their method, BLQ Box. Their early investments in HomeMaker helped BLQ realize the enormous future opportunities that exist in PropTech.

BLQ’s founder, Kamjar Hajabdolahi, explains how they will now be taking the next steps by starting up Hydda, a PropTech Group that will also include HomeMaker.

“Today’s buildings are still quite analog, but there is enormous potential for digitalization. Thus far, it has been difficult for those working in the real estate sector to find smart solutions, since tech companies tend to be rather small, primarily offering highly niched products. Hydda will focus on acquiring and consolidating the best PropTech solutions in order to offer better products with a broader scope that will be both easier to buy and use,” he says.

A bridge between tech companies, investors, and the real estate industry
The Hydda Group was founded in 2021 by BLQ Invest. Its focus is on rapid-growth PropTech solutions that BLQ and others would like to invest in. Another important part of the concept is close collaboration with leading players in the real estate industry to create effective products in high demand.

“Digitalization, sustainability, AI, and IoT are trends that will change the real estate industry at its very core. PropTech is all about using innovation to generate improvements throughout the entire value chain. The outcome is more customer value, better sustainability, and higher profitability. Hydda will serve as a bridge between tech companies, the real estate sector, and other investors,” explains Kamjar.

Ecosystem for real estate solutions
The goal is to be the leading supplier of digital real estate solutions. Today, most people are accustomed to using convenient web services and tools to perform various tasks wherever and whenever they need to. And that is exactly what Hydda will offer for properties.

“Banks, travel companies, the media, and other sectors have already moved their services to their users’ mobile interfaces. With Hydda, we aim to do the same thing for properties. Our focus is on the user, striving to create effective, intuitive products for them. Hydda’s solutions should offer maximum benefit and be just as easy to install as they are to start using,” explains Kamjar Hajabdolahi.

Expansion and collaboration
Right now, Hydda’s main focus is on identifying even more promising PropTech solutions that fit their offer. Efforts are also underway to set up additional collaborations with leading players in the real estate industry. Hydda’s mission is to help create the digital society of the future together with leaders in the technology and real estate industries.

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