October 7, 2022

New at Hydda: Melker Larson

During September, three new employees joined Hydda. One of them is Melker Larson – a meticulous M&A Analyst with an eye for detail who enjoys high tempo, learning new things and dancing.

Hydda continues to grow – and fast! After acquiring six proptech companies and gaining two new real estate companies as partners in less than a year, reinforcement was also needed on the employee side. One of the three stars who joined the operational team in September is Hydda’s new M&A Analyst Melker Larson.

Hello Melker! Tell us about your professional background. What have you done in the past?
– I most recently came from BLQ Invest, which started Hydda together with Vasakronan. Also there, I worked as an analyst, which involved looking for and researching potential investments, mainly in Software-as-a-Service in the Business-to-Business segment.

What is your role at Hydda?
– The title is M&A Analyst, and my primary focus will be to look for interesting proptech companies to acquire that can strengthen Hydda’s offering to real estate owners. I will also work on various types of business development to help us achieve our strategic goals.

We always ask the classic sports question: How does it feel?
– It’s great to be able to join a company with a great business idea and high ambitions at this early stage. Working at Hydda will be intense and full of action, which I appreciate. If there are no exciting things happening, I get restless.

How well did you know proptech before and what do you think about the future of the industry?
– I knew proptech reasonably well, because BLQ Invest is the owner and founder of Hydda. But it’s only now, as I’ve started to dig deeper into the industry, that I realise how many interesting segments and solutions there are. Proptech has enormous potential – both in terms of new technologies and solutions, but also as a great opportunity for property owners to improve their customer offering, increase profitability and make their business more sustainable.

How would you like to contribute to Hydda’s development?
– Both in Sweden and internationally, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of proptech start-ups, while demand is growing. But even the best solutions can struggle to take off on their own. Hydda will act as a bridge between the tech companies and the property owners. Everyone wins – the proptech companies, the property owners and Hydda. I want to help Hydda find the very best solutions for its customer offering, while making sure that the best proptech companies really want to become part of our group and our brand.

What are you like as a person? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
– I am loyal, meticulous and consider myself to have a good eye for detail. A weakness is that I’m bad at asking for help, as I don’t like to interfere or get in the way of others. So sometimes I try to solve the problem myself, which usually just takes longer.

What drives you in your everyday life?
– Above all, learning new things. I’m the youngest person at Hydda, so I have the pleasure of learning from my colleagues every day. Some people might think that is something negative, but I think it’s great. The environment and climate are important issues for me, so I’m also motivated by the fact that Hydda’s solutions contribute to increased sustainability in the real estate industry.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
– When I’m not working, I like to do things that give me new energy. For example, having a tapas dinner with good friends or dancing to house and techno. I also like to work out! I’ve just discovered BeatCycle on Becore. It’s spinning mixed with strength training to loud and good music.

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