December 9, 2021

This is Hydda

Smart solutions that enhances customer value, sustainability, and profitability at properties.  PropTech will change the entire real estate industry at its core – and Hydda aims to be the leading supplier of future-oriented solutions. To achieve that, the company is collaborating with Sweden’s leading companies in real estate.

The Tech Group, Hydda, offers future-proof real estate solutions. By acquiring, consolidating, and developing the best digital tools, Hydda creates solutions that are both easy to buy and easy to use. With leading players in the real estate industry as investors and partners, Hydda enables solutions that the real estate industry needs and demands.

“Hydda serves as a bridge between the real estate industry and tech companies. And by doing so, we are able to integrate and further develop existing technology solutions into more efficient, easy-to-use products with a broader scope,” says Philip Göransson, CIO at Hydda.

Transformational change

Digitalization, sustainability, Artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things are trends that will change the property industry at its very core. PropTech (Property Technology) is all about using innovation to generate improvements throughout the entire value chain. What we see today is just the beginning of a revolutionary development. New solutions will change the way we look at, build, and use property.

Own solutions
The Hydda Group consists of solutions focusing on the working and living parts of the real estate value chain. The portfolio will be gradually increased and diversified to make Hydda the leading supplier of future-oriented real estate solutions.

Founders and team
Hydda was founded in 2021 by the company builders, BLQ Invest. The team is still being assembled but it presently consists of Philip Göransson (CIO) and Peter Masironi (CTO). Philip and Peter work each day in close collaboration with BLQ Invest, the executive management teams for their own technology companies, and Hydda’s real estate partners.

Latest news

Announcing Yieldly – more efficient facility management is here

Yieldy is a completely new facility management concept that helps to significantly reduce costs while increasing service quality and growing long-term property value.

Hydda invests in Freesi and strengthens its energy efficiency and indoor climate control service offering.

The fast-growing PropTech group Hydda today announced the investment in Freesi, one of the Nordic region's leading companies in energy efficiency and indoor climate.

New at Hydda: Jesper Bruksner

Against the backdrop of Hydda’s rapid growth rate and ongoing expansion plans, an experienced HR manager is key. The role is vital to ensuring that we maintain efficiency while building a great culture and offering a fun and challenging work environment for everyone.

New at Hydda: Elisabet Hansson

The Hydda family continues to grow! Our new controller Elisabet Hansson will mainly work with accounting and reporting in our fast growing group. As a change from all the everyday numbers, she also likes to paint – even if the studio at Sankt Eriksplan is now a thing of the past.